About Us

Well, it all started with a dream – literally. Woke up one night with an idea of taking a little of the old and mixing it with a little of the new.

We wanted to bring back days when things were a little slower and you could take some time to shop through the old General Store in search of just the right thing that would assist with the problem at hand.

But we also wanted to be able to provide the widest range of helpful products unheard of in the days of the “old” General Store.

So we began thinking about the most famous General Store we could think of – Sam Drucker’s General Store in Hooterville, USA made famous by the Petticoat Junction and Green Acres television series during the 1960’s.

And VirtualDrucker.com was born!

Come with us as we step back in time, a time when things were a little slower, when people sat around the old pickle barrel and pot belly stove swapping tales – mostly made up stories of whopping great fish and giant bears – much to the amusement of all involved.

Please, take your time and don’t rush because we’re open around the clock to fit your schedule. And if you must leave to tend to other pressing matters, come on back anytime. We’re glad to have you here!